I have been using Unity3d for the last 4 years.
You can play the current project I am working on in alpha version in this link
Playable Demo link : https://guray.itch.io/dungeon-idle-clicker

I got 3d Game developer certificate from the certification programme of TOGED in 2016 December – 2017 January.

There is only one game that I published and one that I also worked on that got
published which you can find in these links :

I am very fast with creating concept demos. Both of these were done by me in 3
hours total.
Skate Game Demo : https://youtu.be/CmSEg4M1r6E
Hole Game Demo : https://youtu.be/pWxH7VlaIho

Great knowledge on : C# , OOP , SOLID , TDD , XML , JSON , Procedural
Good knowledge on Java, Unit Tests, C++ , SQL , Git
Here are some of my other projects :
2016 Team Project (TED Digital Game Development Certificate(Software)):
Quiz game :
Mangala Board Game (Checkers , Chess like) :
I have done a lot of clone games , such as ; Angry birds , match 3 , break out etc.