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TOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Üniversitesi

2008-2013 Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Vysoká škola báňská - Technická univerzita Ostrava

2012-2013 Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science (B.S.)



2014-2014 .Net Developer

Business process management software development.

Experience: .Net, C#, JavaScript, Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, Xml, Xpath, Xquery, Xslt, SQL, Web Services, WCF.


2013-2013 Software Engineer

Developing physics engine for computer games. (Digital Molecular Matter Engine)

With using sharpDX, simultaneously 65536 particles may collide, effect each other with their links, break apart, calculate which particles or group of particles tear apart from the main group, etc…

All calculations done in GPU with parallel programming and runs in real time.

Experience: C#, SharpDX, Component Based Game Development, Compute Shaders, GPU Programming, Design Patterns, Parallel Algorithms.

Taleworlds Entertainment

2013-2013 Game Programmer (Paid Internship)

Development of the computer game called “Mount and Blade 2”. Artificial intelligence.

Experience: C#, C++, Component Based Development, Artificial Intelligence.

Taleworlds Entertainment

2011-2011 Game Programmer (Paid Internship)

Development of the computer game called “Mount and Blade 2”. Data compression, developing artist tools for 3d studio max, ui…

Experience: C#, C++, MaxScript, UI Programming, Tool Programming, Data Compression.


2010-2010 Java Developer (Paid Internship)

Development of a software that analysis academically success rates of Universities, Faculties, Departments and Academicians due to information from Web of Science.

Experience: Java, Data Mining, UI Programming.